Basic Portrait sessions begin at $500. Custom sessions are available upon request. Pricing for custom sessions will vary. All Basic and Custom sessions must be within a 10 Mile Radius of zip code (92118) and within San Diego County. Sessions outside of San Diego County are available upon request and will be priced accordingly.

Your Photo Session Is Available For Purchase On Disk

If you wish you may purchase your photo session on a CD or a DVD or (your own thumb / flash drive) Each disk contains the entire un-retouched photo session. The cost for your entire photo session on disk is $600.00* You can choose to have some (or all) of the image files photo retouched at a nominal fee of $65.00 per image. If you do decide to purchase your entire session on disk you may bring a thumb / flash drive. it must be blank & free of any content or files and at least 2 gig in size.

If you have your portrait session with us between January 1st 2017 & December 30th 2017 the cost for your entire photo session on disk is only $500.00* (Normally $600.00*) which includes 6 re-touches.

(*This Offer Expires on December 31st 2016* it may be changed at anytime and also may be extended and run longer, call the studio to inquire*)

style=”color: #ffffff;”>Pricing for Metal Alloy prints are the same as the Custom Canvas Prints. However the Metal Prints come custom framed

Treasured Quality Heirloom Prints

The processes and materials that go into creating a photograph are just as important as the image itself. From concept to completion, all of our prints receive the white glove treatment so that what you receive is a perfect treasured work of art, worthy of the title, “Treasured Quality Heirloom”.

Electronic Digital Image Files
You can choose to have the Electronic Digital Image File E-Mailed to you in its original high resolution state
or choose to have it re-touched for an additional fee.
Re-touching $65.00 per image depending on level of complexity (E-Mailed)
Example: If you wanted just one electronic image file retouched it would cost you $65.00 per image
You would pay $65.00 per electronic digital image file either e-mailed to you or put on your thumb / USB flash drive.
the more image files you actually purchase the less expensive it is. Be sure to ask about my “SPECIAL”

Prints a la Carte

Size Prices
4X6 $15.00
5X7 $20.00
8×10 $30.00